Springer Destruction

Today we have a little fun and shoot-up some terrible Airsoft guns.

The Fort,Scotland and allot of fun.

The Fort is a place in Scotland, Where a bunch of guys (and girls) get together to play some Airsoft.
To find more about "The Fort" go to http://www.fortairsoft.moonfruit.com/ .

Also, On YouTube type in scoutthedoggie. He's a guy who films lots of these Airsoft matches.

Including this one, below.


Here's a cool,IRISH Airsoft site.
 Called "Main Irish Airsoft"


Airsoft101: How To Maintain Your AEG

A simple video on how to maintain your AEG.

Airsoft101: How To Maintain Your Gas Gun

How to maintain your Gas Gun.


Our U.S Army Rangers Loadout.