The Type 96

The type 96 is a Airsoft sniper rifle,which might of guessed since it has a big scope.
Its 460 to 500 FPS (feet per second) , fortunately you can get it down graded.Can make someone bleed 60 feet away.It's range is 120 feet.
It's accurate.It's good.It's cheap :) .

The Type 96 is 99.99$.
Now since we live in Europe its even cheaper (Euros are worth more than dollars).


(The review below is not ours)


KWA Defender 4 (M4 Carbine) Review

A review of the KWA Defender 4.
With a full metal body, metal internals
and a Lipo ready gearbox, This
is a fantastic AEG.

(Also, people have been saying this isn't KWA. We know there isn't any marks on the body
stating it is KWA. But if you field strip the gun, you can clearly see "KWA"

New shooting test below, (sights and hop-up now adjusted)

WE M1911 Review

The WE M1911, A great gas pistol.
This version is in chrome, with ABS plastic grips.

New shooting test below. (old test didn't have the hop-up set)

Boyi P228 review

The Boyi P228, A cheap spring powered Airsoft.
Full ABS plastic body. (Relatively well made gun)
Perfect for the beginner airsofter.
(Our gun didn't come with a laser)


Matrix Load Berring Vest + Condor M4 pouches and Utilty Pouch Review

Today we are reviewing the Matriz Load Berring Vest, Condor M4 pouches and Utilty Pouch.